eConscience is involved on the safeguarding of the natural heritage through various activities and technical-scientific consultants, generally operating in environmental acoustic applications.

Main activities:

  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM). Acoustics survey to study the biodiversity and the ecological dynamics of species emitting sounds, in order to provide useful data on the presence and conservation of animal species. eConscience works also to develop mitigation plans for marine and terrestrial habitats. Through PAM, the noise levels from anthropogenic sources can also identified, classified and studied in relation to the possible impacts on the environment.
  • Environmental Acoustic Enrichment (EAE). EAE provides the solutions to improve the psycho-physical wellness of animals in zoos, enhancing the role of biodiversity conservation. This method consists in the use of acoustic speakers to arrange a natural soundscape for the animal, important for the maintenance of key behaviors.
  • Environmental Investigations (EI). EI activities are focused on the study of the ecological dynamics of native and alien populations in very interesting natural habitats. These investigations are essential to develop plans for environmental protection and restoration.